The final project for this course is a final illustration that both tests the student’s ability to draw from direct observation and the student’s ability to craft aconceptual illustration.

The final project will require students to choose one medium out of those covered within the course: graphite, charcoal, oil pastel, or watercolor pencil. Work on a surface appropriate for the selected medium (e.g., watercolor paper for watercolor pencil, drawing paper for graphite).

The final project should include one portrait of a human face and one object relevant to the portrait (e.g., a family member with a favorite flower). Students are

required to include a narrative with their work, explaining their conceptual approach and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of their work. The final project

should be submitted through the use of a digital camera. The final product represents an authentic demonstration of competency because this illustration

requires a strong understanding of the course-long content. The human face is a complex subject; students will apply principles utilized to draw more simplistic

subjects to this more challenging subject matter. Then, this will be further developed and exploredfrom a conceptual perspective, pushing students to think

critically and creatively about their illustrative work.

Main Elements

1. Students utilize several different mediums throughout the course. For the final project, the student will select one medium out of those covered in the

course to complete their final project. The selected medium should reflect both the best interest of the illustrative concept and the student’s interests.

2. The final project must be a polished, fully rendered illustration. If oil pastel or watercolor pencil is chosen, this equates to full color with values. If

charcoal or graphite is chosen, this equates to full values without color. The final product will display the student’s understanding of the course-long

concepts: sighting, the ability to record contours, value (including shadow/highlight), color, and the perspective’s potential role.

3. The project will contain two subjects: a portrait/human face and an object.

a. A portrait, acting as a more advanced subject

b. A related object: This object should relate to the portrait in a conceptual way.

c. Optionally, the two subjects may be arranged in an abstract manner (e.g., a large flower behind the portrait). However, regardless of how the

illustration is composed, the likenesses of both subjects should be realistic in appearance (not stylized), drawn from direct observation.

4. A 250-word narrative should also accompany the final project, discussing the artist’s intention (including the rationale behind the illustrative concept),

successes, and challenges.

Guidelines for Submission: Students will apply their course-long knowledge to a final summative assignment: a creative portrait illustration. The illustration should include a human face (portrait) and one object relevant to the subject (for example, a person’s face with a favorite object in the background). The two subjects may be arranged and presented in a stylized/creative way (for example, a portrait with a very large flower behind it). However, each subject’s likeness should be realistic, exhibiting an understanding of the course objectives.

Students will submit the final project in Module Seven through the use of a digital camera or scan their work either at home or via an outside source (e.g., office supply store).

Along with their project, a self-critique should be submitted explaining the student’s approach and challenges. It should be no less than 250 words.

Written components of the project must use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and discipline-appropriate citations.

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