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John Oliver had a lot to say about food being wasted in America. The main argument of Oliver is took aim at Americans’ relationship with food and consumer culture, namely the by-products of that culture and the wasteful nature that has become the status quo. Oliver ultimately urged viewers to change that by “resolving to eat uglier fruit,” taking expiration dates with a pinch of salt and to no longer worry “about getting sued by high-powered lawyers representing the hungry” when donating food.He also argued that the problem isn’t only affecting the hungry, but it’s also nation economy problem since it affecting the producers, sellers and consumer. As well as it is a matter of pollution for the climate.

He support his arguments with many evidences .First, he used statistics to make his point supported since he indicated that 40% of food produced in the United States is never eaten, Americans throw away $165 billion worth of food annually. Secondly when he mentioned that the waste of food is impacting badly upon the seller since it will increase his expenses and reduce his revenue and concerning the consumers, the amount of food being wasted is increasing rapidly. The third example Oliver draw the viewer attention that wasting food problem is also could cause a pollution problem since the landfills become just as problematic because the decomposing conditions can create methane gas, which is hurting the planet and contributing to climate change.

I’m really shocked about the huge amount of food waste that Americans throw away $165 billion worth of food annually and that sum of food is enough to fill up 730 football stadiums.

Discarding food comes with plenty of negative consequences, and Oliver outlined many of them with just enough humor to keep viewers interested, without undermining the gravity of the issue. The comedian English success in drawing the viewer attention in order to make his show interesting.

Honestly, I feel a little bit guilty for wasting food but not much, the last items I threw away are cucumbers , since they are easily molded.

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John’s main argument is that American people waste too much food and in too many ways. Like he said it is not the story about the food we eat it is the story about the food we don’t eat. He used the consumers that waste 25% of what they buy and that was the household when go to grocery store to buy four bags of grocery and drop on full bag in the parking lot without bothering to carry it back. the other example was when the grocery markets go over sock their items and the stock man was showing the reporter that if he put only one on the shelf he wouldn’t sale any but if he have thirty of them he may sell twenty five, and John said it is because always the last option is bad option. The third example was the farmer who was talking about the peach on the ground that no one like to get it and the way they marking this product which number one is the perfect one and number two is the one that loss two third of its market value. I was not that much surprised because I throw away a lot of food weekly just because we don’t eat it my kids ask for something to eat but they don’t finish it as well my spouse and I when we go shopping never pick the last one on the shelf. In United States he said American people threw away $ 165 billion worth of food every year about 20 pounds per person every month. American throw away enough food every year to fill 730 football stadiums because of our habits and misconceptions. John Oliver uses humor to present the problem because we are all guilty in food wasting problem and he wanted to get closer to audience by making them laugh a while and lissome another. He wanted to get full attraction to his point and yes he was successful. Yes I am guilty of food waste and the last think I throw away was half pound of baby tomato and half of strawberry pack it was good to eat a few days ago but not today and the reason why we didn’t eat it is because my kids change their habit of eat suddenly and decide to eat something else.

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