Complete the assignment below. Ensure that all of your assignment deliverables are attached before submitting your assignment.

Visual Basic .NET Application – Coding Exercise 3 (Exercise 13, Zack, 2016, p. 642)

For this coding exercise:

  • Create an application that can be used to calculate the cost of installing a fence around a rectangular area.
  • Create the application, using the following names for the solution and project, respectively: Fence Solution and Fence Project. Save the application in the VB2015Chap11 folder.
  • Use Windows to copy the Rectangle.vb file from the VB2015Chap11 folder to the Fence SolutionFence Project folder.
  • Use the Project menu to add the Rectangle.vb class file to the project.
  • Modify the class to use Double (rather than Integer) variables and properties.
  • Add a method named GetPerimeter to the Rectangle class. The method should calculate and return the perimeter of a rectangle. To calculate the perimeter, the method will need to add together the length and width measurements, and then multiply the sum by 2.
  • Create the interface shown in Figure 11-30 (zak, 2016). The image for the picture box is stored in the VB2015Chap11Fence.png file. Code the application and then test it appropriately. (Hint: Using 120 feet as the length, 75 feet as the width, and 10 as the cost per linear foot of fencing, the installation cost is $3,900.00.)

Assignment Deliverables:

  • The zip file containing the Visual Studio solution and project files.
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