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A career in IT requires an understanding of the various technologies that compose a computing environment. Managing computer hardware and software is the first step. Whether you are an IT project manager, administrator (computer system, database or network), systems analyst, network specialist, software developer, digital investigator or security analyst, there may be a time when you need to administer your system, or help others administer theirs.

Please refer to the following for information about accessing and using LabSim:

Click here for the instructions for the Unit 5 Lab tasks.

Prepare a Word document that contains 1-2 pages of information summarizing your thoughts about the following bullets.

  • Explain the relationship between “code of ethics” and “professionalism” in an IT environment.
  • Describe your thoughts about what “professionalism” would mean to someone who is in the role of network administrator. How would that compare to someone who was a systems analyst or a programmer?
  • There are often reports of unprofessional acts by someone in IT that have significant implications for organizations. Research reports of unprofessional behavior by someone in IT and discuss whether their behavior was unethical, illegal, or socially responsible. One such example would be data theft by an employee. One example of this type of unprofessional behavior could be found here. You can find other examples at this website.
  • Discuss an example situation of someone in an IT role that lacked professionalism or violated a “code of ethics”. Identify whether your example was socially, ethically or legally irresponsible.
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