Chronic Juvenile Offenders: Against

I don’t believe early behavior is predictive of criminal behavior. Youth throughout their childhood years have committed some type of status offense. However it could take a youth one time to experience going to a detention center for committing a delinquent offense. Having intervention and prevention programs is also another interference, Intervening could be the turning point in the juveniles life, where they feel like committing crimes are not getting them anywhere in life but trouble. It was said that youth who are up in age are less likely to continue to commit offenses, after having commit an offense for the first time. Through a prevention program, have those kids who have had one run in with the law mentor the younger kids. Allow them to tell the juvenile delinquents about their experience and, why they chose not to go down that route. Also have more people getting back involved in the community, being able to guide our youth in the right path. Inform the parent/guardian what the child is doing in the streets, who they’re hanging around. With enforcing tactics like this I believe just because a child may start off with delinquent behaviors, that does not determine the child to become a criminal adult.


Chronic Juvenile Offenders

Many people believe that early behavior is predictive of adult criminal behavior, personally I do not believe this. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to predicting adult criminal behavior. Some factors to take into consideration are the environment and cognitive deficits. These factors can play more of a role than age. Their environment can cause problems because of how and where they live. If they are living in an area where poverty is high, this can cause them to make decisions that can have lasting effects. Lack of intelligence can cause them to not completely understand that the decisions they are making will most likely get them into some sort of trouble later on.

Basically just short reply to each post. few sentences agree or not and why.

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