Big picture: A systematic literature review will be conducted as the capstone project. Purpose of this current assignment: Develop essential elements of the capstone project. Instructions: Utilizing the information from your Research course, Capstone course and online resources complete the following elements that will be a part of your capstone project. Submit a written draft with the following elements: Topic, research question(s), problem/purpose statement and aims/objectives. Follo w APA style, 6 th edition. Please include a title page. Refine your previously submitted assignment (topic selection). Conduct research on your topic to be sure that there is sufficient information available for you to complete the capstone project. Does a systematic review already exist for your topic? Is your topic too broad? too narrow? Develop research question(s). Develop clear, concise, and appropriate research question(s). Develop a problem/purpose statement. Describe why your systematic review is important, why is it needed, why is it significant, what question/issue will it help to address. Develop aims/objectives. Detail what the research intends to do. What will be the outcomes

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