Moves to make:

1. Present the topic.

2. Establish common ground with the reader.

3. Give the context of the discussion, the perspective you’re taking.

4. Interest the reader

  • use a hook (1st sentence);
  • draw the reader into the paper.

5. Establish relevance or significance.

  • through topicality;
  • through connection to audience;
  • through implications.

6. Tell the main point.

7. Give an overview of the structure of the paper (last sentence).

Structures to use:

  • Start with a broad point and narrow to your main point.

Stumbling block:It can be easy to write boring, over-generalizing opening sentences.

  • Start with an example or story and show how it illustrates your main point.

Stumbling block: It can be easy to use something clever that doesn’t actually support the point.

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