• Exercise 4.1 Questions 2, 4 – write systems of equations in matrix form
  • Exercise 4.2 Questions 1 b and d, 2, 4 a and d, 6 e – adding and multiplying matrices; using the summation sign
  • Exercise 4.5 Questions 1 b and d, 2, 3 b and d – special matrices
  • Exercise 4.6 Questions 2 and 4 – transpose

Please upload your hand-written work as a .pdf file. Print and sign your name under the statement, “This is my work,” at the end of each assignment. If you do not print this statement, print your name and sign your work, you may not get credit for the assignment.

While collaboration is encouraged for homework only, every student must submit answers in his/her own handwriting. To get the most out of this course, it is a good idea to ask other students to check your work before you submit it. In turn, you check their work. That way you can catch errors and properly learn how to apply the techniques. If you can work every problem in every assignment and pre-test, you can’t help but do very well in this class

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