Read the text of Trifles here

answer all the questions with at least 3 sentences.

1-How does the setting of the play affect the plot? Consider the location of the house, the time of year, and the temperature of the house.

2- The scene setting states that there are unfinished dishes. How do the men interpret this? How do the women interpret this?

3- Why did Glaspell make the following decisions:
not to show the crime?

not to show the body?

not to show the other rooms of the house?

not to show Mr. or Mrs. Wright?

4- John Wright doesn’t want to get a party telephone. What does this tell us about his character?

5- How do the men and women investigate differently? Why don’t the men find the evidence that the women do?

6- What does Mrs. Wright’s behavior suggest about her state of mind?

7- How has Mrs. Wright changedovertheyears, accordingtoMrs. Hale? Why?

8- WhatwasMrs. Wright’s motive? Whydon’tthewomentellthe men whatthey’vefoundout?

9- At theend of thestory, do thewomenthinkshe is guilty of a crime?

10- What is thesignificanceofthebird? Is it justpart of the motive, or is it symbolic?

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