1. What is the null hypothesis for comparing performance ratings by gender?

2. Run a t-test on the data in the spreadsheet. Use a two-tailed, two sample equal variance test. What is the t-value? Round to three decimal points (e.g. 0.351)

3. Is there a significant difference in performance ratings by gender?

a. Yes b. No

4. What is the null hypothesis for determining if there is a relationship between Job Level and Performance Ratings?

5. Run an analysis to determine if there is a correlation between Job Level and Performance Rating. What is the correlation co-efficient? Round to two decimal points (e.g. 0.04)

6. What is the t-value for this relationship? Round to two decimal points (e.g. 0.04)

To answer this question, you have to covert the correlation co-efficient to a t value, using the following formula:

r= the correlation co-efficient

n= the number of observations

7. Is the relationship between Job Level and Performance Ratings significant?

To answer this question, you can convert the t-value to a p-value in excel using the following command.

=t.dist.2t(t, degrees of freedom)

t.dist.2t is the command in excel for a two-tailed Student’s T output

The t in the parenthesis is the value you calculated above (if this is negative, covert it to a positive number by multiplying it by -1)

The degrees of freedom = (number of observations – 2)

If the value you find is less than 0.05, then the relationship is significant.

a. no b. yes

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