I am required to write a 6-8 page research paper based on my topic I have chosen, “sleep deprivation.” Now its not anything and everything on it, we had to submit a Synopsis to the professor and get it approved. Additionally at least 2 of the sources must be from my university database. I have already found 2 articles to use as well as provide others to find research on, the 2 specified ones will be in red on the work cited page so PLEASE don’t forget to use them to cite. After those you may use the other sources I provided as well as any you may find on your own but make sure they are scholarly articles and you add to the work cited page along with mine I have provided.

JUST INCASE YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO ACESS MY UNIVERSITIES ARTICLES VIA WOODBURYS DATABASE LIBRARY CITE, PLEASE USE MY ACCOUNT TO ACCESS. here is the url just incase, but when clicking the red url’s I’ve made red In the document attached down below on the work cited page, it takes you straight to woodburys site, for you to use my user name and password to access the articles.

USER: hannok

Password: Justin33.

this will allow you to use those articles as well as research through my universities database if you wish. I will attach my Synopsis below to show you what my paper must discuss, and how it is laid out.

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