RFID and GPS when being used to children track subjects.

RFID and GPS when being used to children track subjects.

would plan to do for your capstone project. As I suggested, you can research top five or ten children tracking products using either RFID and GPS, do comparisons, and make recommendations. Compare pros and cons of RFID and GPS when being used to track subjects.

Project Proposal

All projects must be initially documented in a project proposal. The document should be concise and include the following:

  • Cover Page;
  • Honor Pledge (The university honors pledge is required on the honor pledge page of each assignment:
    “On my honor, I have neither given nor received aid on this assignment.”)
  • Table of Contents;
  • Objective;
  • Client or customer, if any;
  • Faculty Advisor;
  • Project Plan (including planned schedule);
  • Resources;
  • Expected Outcomes;
  • Knowledge being applied;
  • Risk factors; and
  • Importance and contributions your work would make to the relevant fields

The objective is limited to one paragraph that succinctly describes the scope of the selected project and the client, if any. If you are doing the work for a client, the client must be described and contact information given. You must provide details of your faculty mentor, including the expertise that they have to help you with this project.

The Project Plan should be as detailed as possible, and include estimates for the start and end date of each activity and the level of effort required in each task. The goal is to make sure that all the tasks are defined and that an assessment of level of effort is complete. If tasks are to be done by others, or require involvement by others, including your faculty mentor, this should be identified in the project plan.

The resources section is particularly important if you are doing a project that requires equipment (e.g., the Raspberry Pi). You must provide a list of the resource requirements and how they will be obtained. If there is a cost associated with the resources, this should be identified.

The expected outcomes should define the expected results of the project. If this is a research report, an outline of the report should be given. If it is a project, it should be a description of the results from the project (e.g., a Web site).

Knowledge being applied section should discuss which courses in your bachelor’s program will provide the basis of your project. If you have obtained the knowledge above and beyond the coursework (such as self-learning. Industry certifications, or internship/work), you are encouraged to document them in this section.

Risk factors section should discuss whether there are specific things that could negatively impact your project. Are you dependent on an organization rolling out a new product? What happens if that product gets delayed? What happens if you need special resources and they are not available? What issues and challenges might you run into this semester? You should also consider any risk factors for your client. For example, while your solution may solve one technical challenge for the client, would it introduce problems elsewhere in the organization? Would it eliminate jobs? What would a full-scale production deployment of your solution involve? Could the customer/client afford this?


  • Three or more pages, excluding the cover page, honor pledge and table of contents;
  • One and half line spacing;
  • Font type: Times New Roman;
  • Font size: 12 points;
  • Must comply with the APA format (both in-text citations and bibliography).
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