Please read the short story attached below and follow the guidelines below.

This next discussion includes a technical requirement. Again, choose and comment on two questions, but this time, include one quotation in each of your answers. That is, integrate a quotation from one of the stories to support your ideas, and use correct formats and citations. Some of you already integrated both quotations and citations in your earlier answers, so you clearly know how to do it. You will get credit for completing the discussion regardless of how well you complete the technical requirement, but try to do a good job.

  1. What are the crises faced by two of the protagonists? Are these common experiences or are they exceptional? What motivated the writers to focus on these crises?
  2. Is this portrayal mostly critical or compassionate? Is it fair?
  3. Do you find the intense emotions exhibited by protagonists justified? What factors should we consider when evaluating these intense emotions? Does egocentrism play a role?
  4. Are these stories written for younger readers, such as children and teenagers, or for adults? On what basis can you determine the potential audience for these stories?
  5. Discuss two instances of figurative or metaphoric language. How does the symbol or metaphor help the writer get his or her message across?
  6. Did you find it important to do a little research to understand one of the stories better? If so, what background questions did you need to answer, and how did your research expand your understanding of the story?
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