Research Project 20-15 pages.

APA Formatting

Title Page, table of contents, abstract, and reference page

Graphics are encourage


1 – Abstract

2- Introduction to the topic

3 – Literature Review and Background Research

4 – Discussion of ideas on the topic

5 – Discussion of new solutions to the problem

6 – Conclusion

The topic will be intermodal transportation and the interlink between hazmat incidents. Thesis (My thesis will be (My paper will show that the higher number of intermodal transports being used to transport hazmat, correlates with the higher number of hazardous incidents. I want to understand that in using more modes of transportation can and will increase the chances of a hazardous mishap. The goal is to understand that if using only one mode of transportation, can and will it drastically lower the risk.)

To assist with the project I have included a literature review and a brief report on this topic.

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