Please read the following attachment and follow it step by step.

Step 1:Carefully read Chapter 9, paying special attention to 9.3 Scenarios, 9.3.1 Introduction and Methodology

Step 2:Select an Ethical Dilemma from the Ethical Scenarios listed

Step 3:After selecting a Scenario, title your paper specifying the Scenario, for example: “Ethical Dilemma: Scenario 5”

Step 4:Use the methodology (framework) approached discussed in Chapter 9 of the textbook to identify possible ethical solutions, specifically Brainstorming and Analysis Phase approach. Note: Chapter 9 walks students through several example scenarios where the ethics methodology brainstorming and analysis phases are used to assess ethically acceptable options.

In your introduction, state and explain/define any assumptions used to guide decision making process.[For Example, in 9.3.2 “Protecting Personal Data”ethical dilemma scenario in the text, p. 475, an assumption is made that “the clinic director is likely to be aware of the sensitive of the information in the records and to know that inappropriate release of information can result in embarrassment for families using the clinic and physical harm to women who use the shelter” (Baase 412).]

You must also show evidence as to how you leveraged the “Two Step” Processing covered in the textbook, specifically:

  • Step1 – Brainstorming
    • Be sure to include all people and organizations affected (stakeholders), risks, issues, problems, consequences, benefits and possible actions with magnitude of impact for each action
  • Step2: Analysis / Impact Assessment Steps
    • Be sure to identify decision maker(s), rights of stakeholders, consider impact of options on stakeholders (risk, benefits, harm…)

Be sure to offer multiple solutionsand consider and explainethical merits of options (e.g. practicality, courtesy, fairness…)

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