Final Exam

Points: 100

Submission instructions: Complete the answers below the given questions here itself. DO NOT create a new Word document. Failure to follow instructions may lead to 10% deduction of points from the final exam. Save completed Exam File as “ITS 632_Final Exam_Last_First Name”. Submit the completed exam file on ilearn/Blackboard.

Q. 1.

(a)What is the maximum number of association rules that can be extracted from this data (including rules that have zero support)?

(b)What is the maximum size of frequent itemsets that can be extracted (assuming minsup > 0)?

(c)Write an expression for the maximum number of size-3 itemsets that can be derived from this data set.

(d)Find an itemset (of size 2 or larger) that has the largest support.

  • Find a pair of items, a and b, such that the rules and have the same confidence.

Q. 2. What is Anomaly Detection? Describe in detail the characteristics of the Anomaly Detection Problems. Also, describe in detail the characteristics of Anomaly Detection Methods. (50 points)

When referring to other articles, you need to cite using the format given here (either APA or MLA):

Note: Failure of citations will lead to several deduction of points or zero points may be awarded for the answer.

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