For the past five weeks, we have investigated one social problem (Hurricane Katrina) from multiple perspectives: journalism, memoir, and documentary film.

The final text in this text set is a scientific report composed by a team of 22 engineers examining how and why the levees system in New Orleans failed in 2005.


STEP 1: Before you read this report word for word, preview the text :

New Orleans Levee Systems Preliminary Report.pdf

To “preview” a text means that you skim it before you begin reading closely. The purpose of previewing is to figure out what the text is, how it is put together, and to decide what you will need to read closely and what you will skim lightly.

STEP 2: Decide what strategy you will use to read this very long and detailed document in the time you have allotted for this task. Which sections will you read closely? Which sections will you skim? Are there any sections you will ignore? Why?

STEP 3: Decide which note taking tool you will use to keep track of what you learn as you read.

STEP 4: Read the text using the strategy you have devised and taking notes. As you read, consider how this writing is different from the writing we have read so far in this unit.

STEP 5: To get credit for this work, upload your notes to the assignment AND bring them with you to class on Monday, 9/23.

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