Read the arguments presented by your classmate, and analyze the reasoning that they have presented. Whether you agree with their position or not, see if you can help them to improve their arguments. In particular, point out any respect in which a reasonable person might disagree with the truth of their premises or with the strength of their reasoning. Consider addressing the following questions: Did your classmate present a convincing argument? Why, or why not? Which part of the argument might someone dispute (e.g., premise, conclusion, structure, etc.)? How might the argument be strengthened? 5 sentences or more.

Topic: Is it ever permissible to torture a person?

Premise 1: Torture is inhumane and cruel

Premise 2: No one deserves to be treaded inhumanely and cruelly.

Conclusion: No one deserves to be tortured.

The strengths of this argument play on the humanity of society and how people tend to believe that people are inherently good and that no one, regardless of all sins, deserves to be treated worse than anyone else. The biggest weakness in this argument is that not all people consider torture to be cruel and/or inhumane.

Premise 1: Some people commit heinous crimes.

Premise 2: Heinous crimes deserve extreme punishment.

Conclusion: People who commit heinous crime deserve to be tortured.

The weakness of this argument is that many people believe that torture is never to be used for any reason. The strength of this argument is that many people think that people should pay for their crimes and that people who commit heinous crimes should pay very dearly for the crimes they commit.

These two sides of the topic have strengths and weaknesses, but both are sound. This topic is very divided and will make a wonderful discussion because most people will go one way or the other, with very few left on the fence. Both sides of the argument seem to be a fair interpretation of what someone would say if asked the topic question. When the two are placed side by side, they both provide very good point, and completely contradict each other. Both sides could be improved by doing more research on the definition of torture, and by using examples of what torture would be acceptable, and by showing other punishments that would be suitable.


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