How have prevalent societal and cultural norms about gender and sexuality affected your own life? Think critically about how expectations about gender roles, sexual identity and/or orientation are manifested and navigated in the contexts most familiar to you. Are you expected to perform a certain gender identity? How are you expected to perform it? And how do you choose to perform it?

Draw upon childhood, family life, time spent in educational institutions (including the college campus), and other places, contexts, and interactions where you have spent a significant amount of time.

Explore how various forms of privilege and/or discrimination might have shaped these experiences.

If you consider yourself a feminist, explore what aspects of “everyday” feminism as discussed the first day of class resonate with you. If you don’t necessarily identify with that label, that is totally fine. Just explain your thoughts or curiosity about the term. Maybe this course is your starting point, or maybe these are questions you have already been thinking about. If you are not comfortable with the label “feminist,” feel free to explain that.

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