In “Slavery and the American University,” Alex Carp argues that projects about the over-looked relationship between slavery and U.S. institutions have “revealed how much has been lost, suppressed, or considered unworthy of preservation in the official record” (4). Using Carp’s argument to close read the ideas and evidence presented in BOTH of our readings, answer the following question: What is the value of work that seeks to uncover or expose information that institutions would rather keep private or hidden?

As you develop your argument, consider these guiding questions:

  • ● How do the specific scenarios present in both essays connect? How are they related and how are they different? How do they extend or complicate each other?
  • ● What would Carp say about Sokolove’s essay? What would Sokolove say about Carp’s essay?
  • ● What evidence do both authors present? Who and what are they citing as their sources?
  • ● What questions do they raise about our social values and responsibilities? What answers do they provide or suggest?
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