In this project, you will use Voyant Tools to analyze the most common words in a text or texts in

the satire unit. In your essay, choose 2-3 of the words and create an argument about how those

words are important to the text, shape its meaning, reveal information about characters, create

themes, etc. You must refer to specific passages, quotes, and evidence from the story in your

exploration of each of the words. Your essay must be a well-developed, thesis-driven,

argumentative piece. You do not need outside research for this essay. Your analysis should be

driven by your reading of the text(s). Think about the following questions:

What do your selected words show about the themes/main ideas of the work(s)?

What do they reveal about the methods of satire?

What do the words reveal about the author’s style, tone, diction, etc?

How do these words contribute to the deeper meaning of the text?

How do these words connect to the overarching themes of Irish literature?

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