MIS/562 MIS 562 MIS562 Week 2 Individual Assignment – SQL File + Screenshots – A+ Guaranteed! MIS/562 MIS 562 MIS562 IS/562 IS 562 IS562 DeVry University Use as a guide only! NOTE: Thanks for purchasing this! Please open the files when you buy the assignment! Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. You can find my contact info at my profile: http://www.homeworkmarket.com/users/algebraexpert Thanks! AE Name: _______________________ Homework (100 points) Preliminary Tasks From Doc Sharing download the file scripts.exe. This self-extracting zip file contains the sample database files you will need to complete your homework assignments. Take the following steps to download and extract the file: Download the schemasetup.zip to the C:Temp folder on your machine. Open Windows Explorer and Unzip button to extract the files to C:temp. The readme.pdf in the c:temp directory will provide instructions on how to install (viewing requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader). Please read the instructions carefully. Alternatively, you can also read the text-based version of the readme file called readme.txt.  When you are logged into the ILab using SQL Plus, the Citrix software uses the V logical drive as you C drive on your computer.  So you have to execute the script as: @V:tempcreateStudent.sql If you are using Oracle through iLab, use the logon account you were assigned at the beginning of the course. Do not try to create an account (step 1). Permissions have not been granted for that step. Start at Step II . STEPS TO BUILD STUDENT SCHEMA OBJECTS AND LOAD ASSOCIATED DATA. When you are logged into the ILab using SQL Plus, the Citrix software uses the V logical drive as your C drive on your computer.  So you have to execute the script as: @V:tempcreateStudent.sql You may also find it convenient to print the STUDENT Database Schema Diagram (requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader). Submission Requirements Grading assignments can be a long and lengthy task when the output is not orderly and neat. The problem with not following the submission requirements is extra time required for research, detective work, mistakes in grading, executing queries etc.   Accordingly the following requirement should be followed for submitting Assignments. · The original problem statements are to be repeated.  (With numbers and in order)  Penalty – half the point value of the problem statement · After the problem statement any student comments can optionally be included. (Example number two and the way the text book inserts comments) Number a penalty · The SQL statement as you typed it at the prompt. ( Submit only one, some people include all of their attempts along with errors and retries – that is not acceptable) Penalty for submitting more than one – one quarter the point value of the problem.  Penalty for not submitting any, 0 points · The result table, in a neat, Readable format. In the case of a very large result table no more than the first 20 rows, with the row number count at the bottom.  Penalty -if there is no result table -the full value of the problem is assessed.  If there is a table but it is not neat and readable – one half the point value of the problem.  If there are more than 20 rows or there is no row count – one quarter of the point value is subtracted. · All of the homework submission is to be included in one document and that document is to be sent via the appropriate drop box. ( .txt from notepad is highly recommended).  No penalty, the submission will be returned asking that everything be put into one document.  I did not used to have this one, so people started driving me nuts and I had to make this rule. Please bear in mind that I hate taking points off because of these issues.  I will make every effort in week 1 thread 2 to make certain that everybody can comply with these requirements quickly and easily and painlessly.  Failure to adhere to these requirements can result to up to 10% off the total score …

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