You have been hired as a consultant by Ohm Production, a large tire manufacturing company. You have been asked to plan for a synchronization solution that will allow them to replicate their user accounts, groups, and contacts from their on-premises Active Directory to Azure Active Directory. Ohm Production has three forests, 10 domains and all users are places in OUs based on their location. The department attribute is populated with the department that the employees work in. During the discovery process, the IdFIX tool determined that attributes for accounts will need to be changed for most users before synchronization can occur with Azure AD. One of your mantras as a consultant is to have a recovery process for user accounts in case there are issues during the synchronization process. Address the following based on the given information. What tools can be used to bulk modify the attributes of identified user accounts? How many instances of Azure AD Connect are needed for Ohm Productions? How can you ensure that the members of the Development and Plant Operations department do not synchronize? How do you meet the recovery process requirement? Please provide a thorough response to the forum topic, as well as at least one quality response to your peers

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