Mini research paper – Pick a volcano from the list and write a paper 500 to 800 words on a volcano. The paper should be double spaced in 11 or 12 font, and have 1 inch margins. The paper will be graded based on how well it is written, spelling and punctuation count (you have spell check), scientific content, and needs to include the 9 elements listed below, for full credit must include 3 or more references and (in-text) citations. I am not picky about the style you use APA or MLA is typically best. (also see Rubric). Unless you are an excellent writer, take advantage of the TCC writing center. Students that use the writing center typically improve their paper 4 to 5 points


Most Importantly: Do not plagiarize!

This must be in your own words, and SafeAssign will be used to evaluate originality. This tool compares your paper to the entire Internet, and to every paper that has been turned in to me. Each student may also use this tool to check for plagiarism when submitting your paper through blackboard (see below). Please do this, any paper that returns a value greater than 10% will be examined more closely.

The paper should include the following elements: (these elements are also included in the grading rubric)

A title (be creative and have fun with it)

Indicate why you selected the volcano, (did it speak to you?)

Include the type of volcano it is. (composite = stratovolcano, cinder cone, shield) and what kind of magma, mud, etc. it produces.

Include the geographic setting (Country, state, island, city),

Include the tectonic setting of the volcano (intraplate, subduction zone or spreading center) and include the name(s) of the tectonic plate(s) involved. Tectonic plates are places and get capitalized. Example: North American Plate

Discuss at least one historic eruption (can be more), or catastrophic event(s), and/or the significance or importance of your volcano. (what makes it interesting)

Include the VEI (volcanic explosive index) of at least one eruption if available. If not available make that clear

Give the most recent activity or current status (dormant, inactive, active, or extinct).

Use (in-text) citations, and list at least 3 references. Do not just use Wikipedia! Wikipedia is fine as one of your references, but typically there are better sources. Additionally Wikipedia is never the original source. Each Wikipedia page has its resources at the bottom of the Wiki page. Sometimes these references are good places to begin a research paper. If using word for this assignment, the word count tool can be found under the review tab


Volcano List: This list includes only 50 there are many more.

Crater Lake Volcano Redoubt Volcano Mount Vesuvius Taal Volcano

Mauna Loa Volcano Popocatepetl Galeras Volcano Krakatoa

South Sister Volcano Mount Shasta Yellowstone Caldera Mount Pelee

Mount Hood Mount Rainier Sakurajima Nevado del Ruiz

Mount St. Helens Kilauea Volcano Lassen Volcanic Center Mount Tambora

Mount Merapi Mount Nyiragongo Mount Ulawun Unzen Volcano

Cumbre Vieja Katla Volcano Mount Vesuvius Mount Fuji

Mount Galunggung Mount Kelut Mount Sinabung Laki Volcano

Huaynaputina Santa Maria Changbaishan Kikai Volcano

Santorini Volcano Lake Taupo Lake Toba Mount Cleveland

Mount Erebus Rincon de la Vieja Turrialba Poas

Cotopaxi Sangay Volcan del Fuego Karangatang

Stromboli Olympus Mons (Mars


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