In this module we will continue to explore translanguaging in the classroom with particular attention to how we can identify students’ linguistic repertoires. We will also consider the role of language ideologies and the translangauging stance in understanding students’ linguistic knowledge. reading materials In this module you will read chapter three in The Translanguaging Classrom and an article by Flores & Rosa. After reading the assigned readings, Part 1 on a separate word doc complete the exit slip by writing two to three sentences with that shows your understanding of general linguistic and language specific performance and part 2 on a separate word doc Instructional Planning Board Prompt: For this discussion board, write a draft of the micro lesson you will be simulating a lesson that addresses the following: An explanation or demonstration of how students will be encouraged to use their home languages at least 3 times (graduate students)to perform a task or participate in the lesson. A demonstration or walk through of how the lesson will promote engagement and student’s use of their full linguistic repertoires. Modeling or describing how students will use of their full linguistic repertoire to assist them in making meaning. Guiding Question:  What is our individual perspective or stance regarding students’ linguistic knowledge?? Content objectives- Students will examine the relationship between a teacher’s stance and instructional practices.? Language objectives- Define and use following terms: translanguaging stance, language ideologies

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