How can I ensure that I will remain professional and dedicated to my healthcare career even when the workplace is challenging? This assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s modules and readings. The workplace can be challenging. You may face obstacles like hearing gossip, long meetings, bad leadership, and unpredictable tasks. Individual and group dynamics are important concepts to understand for career readiness. Understanding Management Answer the following questions. 1. List the four main functions of managers. a. Type answer here b. Type answer here c. Type answer here d. Type answer here 2. In your opinion, which function above is the most important and why? Type answer here 3. Define the term: incompetent manager Type answer here 4. List 3 characteristics of a good manager. a. Type answer here b. Type answer here c. Type answer here The Mind of an Incompetent Manager Carrie loves her job at the local medical office but she unfortunately has a bad manager. Carrie knows that she is expected to act professionally and communicate effectively even though her manager is incompetent. 5. In the section below, match the warning sign (A-G) to the statement that applies: ___ . “Well, if you think this is a problem, then why don’t you put your request in an e-mail? I review housekeeping e-mails like this on the 15th and 30th of the month. I’ll be able to address it then.” ___ . “I generally don’t approve vacation day requests. I just let Mamie, our secretary, do it.” ___ . “You say that the printer is down, but I believe that if you leave it alone, it will reboot itself. No problem here.” ___ . “Section 6.2 of the handbook should tell you whether or not you can take vacation days between the months of June to November. Unless there’s a hurricane. Then there are instances under which it’s acceptable. There is a form to complete for each acceptable instance. You can find that online under the third tab on the fourth page of our website.” ___ . “Well, it’s unfortunate that your baby had a fever of 102 in the middle of the night, but the meeting started at 7:30 AM sharp. You needed to be here to take the minutes. I’m issuing you a verbal warning.” ___ . “I know they’re meeting to fire me. Well, the joke is on them because I’m off to Morocco for three weeks; starting tomorrow!” ___ . “Order a new printer for my department? Oh, I don’t know. I’ll just let the IT department handle that.” 6. Select one of the statements above and describe how you would react if your manager spoke to you in this manner. Type answer here Groups and their Inner Workings Answer the following questions. 7. List the six main reasons why people tend to join groups. a. Type answer here b. Type answer here c. Type answer here d. Type answer here e. Type answer here f. Type answer here 8. Define the term: group cohesion? Type answer here 9. What factors could decrease group cohesion? Type answer here 10. In your opinion, do you prefer to work in groups/teams or by yourself? Explain. Type answer here Individuals and Self-Management Answer the following prompts. 11. Provide an example of a situation when an employee should be fired. Type answer here 12. List the components of self-management. a. Type answer here b. Type answer here c. Type answer here d. Type answer here e. Type answer here 13. Choose one of the practical time-management techniques from the textbook and explain why you believe that it is important for workplace success. Type answer here Reflection Reflect on what you have learned this week to help you respond to the question below. You may choose to respond in writing or by recording a video! The workplace can be challenging. You may interact with individuals who are not like you or you may have a supervisor that is not a good leader. You may face obstacles like hearing gossip, long meetings, diverse personalities, and unpredictable tasks. How can you ensure that you will remain professional and dedicated to your job even…

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