In this assignment, you will build an interactive dashboard to explore the Belly Button Biodiversity dataset (,  which catalogs the microbes that colonize human navels. The dataset reveals that a small handful of microbial species (also called operational taxonomic units, or OTUs, in the study) were present in more than 70% of people, while the rest were relatively rare. Step 1: Plotly Use the D3 library to read in samples.json . Create a horizontal bar chart with a dropdown menu to display the top 10 OTUs found in that individual. Use sample_values as the values for the bar chart. Use otu_ids as the labels for the bar chart. Use otu_labels as the hovertext for the chart. hw01.png Create a bubble chart that displays each sample. Use otu_ids for the x values. Use sample_values for the y values. Use sample_values for the marker size. Use otu_ids for the marker colors. Use otu_labels for the text values. hm02.png Display the sample metadata, i.e., an individual’s demographic information. Display each key-value pair from the metadata JSON object somewhere on the page. hm03.png Update all of the plots any time that a new sample is selected. Additionally, you are welcome to create any layout that you would like for your dashboard. An example dashboard is shown below: dashboard_part1 Adapt the Gauge Chart from to plot the weekly washing frequency of the individual. You will need to modify the example gauge code to account for values ranging from 0 through 9. Update the chart whenever a new sample is selected. dashboard_part2 Deployment Deploy your app to a free static page hosting service, such as GitHub Pages. Submit the links to your deployment and your GitHub repo. Ensure your repository has regular commits (i.e. 20+ commits) and a thorough file Hints Use console.log inside of your JavaScript code to see what your data looks like at each step. Refer to the Plotly.js documentation when building the plots.

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