Design a two-week reading unit for an identified elementary grade level that concentrates on a core book or an author, incorporates appropriate technology, and integrates one of the following major subject areas: mathematics, science, social studies, the arts (visual and performing), physical education, or health education. The reading unit consists of four sections: unit introduction, resources toolkit, lesson planning, and reflection. You will develop five lesson plans for this unit. Use APA formatting. Each lesson plan should include the following: 1.  Unit Introduction a. Unit Statement and Rationale: 1) A unit title that is demonstrative of the unit and captures the reader’s attention 2) Introduction to the core book or author and a summary of how this unit integrates reading and writing strategies and literary elements 3) Justification of why this is an elementary grade-level appropriate unit of study and an explanation of the appropriateness of the book or author to the grade level b. State standards covered in the unit 2.  Resources Toolkit: An annotated bibliography of 10 books and resources that support your unit a. The books and resources should include three targeted for teacher use and seven targeted for student and parent use. b. At least five of your resources should be multimedia materials, including web-based resources. c. Each annotation should begin with the reference. All annotations should be in alphabetical order. d. Each annotation should be block indented and explicitly connect the selected book or resource to the unit in three to five sentences. e. When selecting your resources, be mindful of the diversity of your learners, including varied reading levels. f. Use APA formatting. 3. Lesson Planning a. Develop five lesson plans, each integrating reading with one content area, using the “Reading Integration Lesson Plan Format.” b. Lesson plans must include reading and writing components (phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and writing), as well as literary elements (setting, plot, characters, conflict, theme). 4.  Reflection a. Solicit feedback from a practicing teacher concerning the following areas of your unit (option: seek feedback during the required field experience for this course): 1) Appropriateness of the unit and book/author for the grade level 2) Appropriateness of the lesson procedures (content and instructional strategies) for the grade level 3) Potential for the students to achieve the objectives and meet the content standards 4) Words of advice for designing and delivering integrated units b. After the feedback session, write a 350-word reflection that describes implications for professional development and growth based on the specific teacher feedback. Reading Integration Lesson Plan Format 1. Central Focus of Lesson: Select state reading standard(s) for your identified elementary grade level and the standard(s) for the integrated academic content area (e.g., mathematics, science). Based on the selected standards, describe the focus of the topic in this lesson plan. Day (within the unit) Length Other content area(s) integrated into      lesson Reading/writing areas to be addressed Literary element(s) to be addressed Technology integration (assistive      technology) 2. Learning Objectives: Develop learning objectives for the 45-minute lesson based on the criteria below: · Are specific, measurable, and observable · State what students will know and be able to do · Align to state standards · Are grade-level and content-area appropriate 3. Materials: Identify and provide as appropriate the materials and instructional resources needed for the teacher and students. Resources may include technology, handouts, guest speakers, etc. Describe how the materials support and enhance the lesson. 4. Instructional approach: Provide a detailed outline of the lesson based on the following: · Set the stage for learning · Lesson delivery and guided practice · Closure · Indepe…

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