IMPORTANT: AFTER PURCHASE, LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND SCROLL DOWN BELOW THIS PAGE TO DOWNLOAD FILES WITH ANSWERS. 1. Why do managers, that have been promoted from the flightline, have such a difficult time performing in their new management role? 2. Maintenance technicians should be hired for their ability to 3. When it comes to maintenance within a small or large organization, how should workload be divided? 4. What is the fundamental concept of operational control? 5. Who is responsible for ensuring that the aircraft maintenance and inspections are complied with? 6. Which is an example of a fixed cost? 7. With regard to flight records, what does the IRS require to be included for each leg of a trip? 8. What is the purpose of IS-BAO? 9. What must a manager do to have key managerial skills become a part of their repertoire? 10. Which system of maintenance tracking is reported to be particularly impressive when it comes time to sell the aircraft? 11. Often individuals select a method of on-demand travel based on 12. The FOMs primary function is to 13. Which is a definition to tax depreciation? 14. Key-person insurance policies often use salary multipliers of what value to help better value the time of an employee? 15. Which is an example of a variable cost? 16. Which is an example of a tangible benefit of corporate aviation? 17. What is the general rule of thumb for the number of pilots per corporate aircraft? 18. Which flight department function is a critical link between passengers and flight operations? 19. All methods of on-demand air transportation should be viewed as 20. Which is one aspect of a just culture? 21. Severity of Hazard x Probability of Occurrence = 22. Which is a benefit of just culture? 23. Which safety causal factor was mentioned as perhaps the most important? 24. How much of business aircraft accidents occur in the final minutes of flight? 25. Which is factor helps to indicate a successful flight department? BUY MORE MATERIALS FOR THIS COURSE: AVIA 360 Quiz 1 AVIA 360 Quiz 2 AVIA 360 Quiz 3 AVIA 360 Quiz 4 AVIA 360 Exam 2

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