3.1: Discuss the various definitions (Powell, pp. 153-156) and experiences

(Powell pp. 159-161) of sexual harassment.

3.2: Evaluate the evolutionary, sociol cultural, organizational,

gender role spillover, and individual differences models of sexual

harassment (Powell, pp. 156-159). Which model seem most

accurate to you and why?

3.3: Outline the parameters of sexual harassment described by the

EEOC (Florence, pp. 60-63). Describe how and when an employer

is liable for damages (Florence, pp. 64-68).

3.4: Discuss the various elements of the key precedent decision for

Sexual harassment (Florence, pp. 68-73).

3.5: Explain how the Supreme Court broadened the scope of Title VII

(Florence, pp. 73-76), and the significance of these rulings.

3.6: Discuss the issue of sexual harassment by women (Florence,

(pp. 78-81). Do the motives of men vs. women who harass

differ? Justify your answer.

3.7: Describe the steps to stopping sexual harassment (Florence,

pp. 85-89). Are these steps effective? Why or why not?

3.8: Describe common beliefs and explanations regarding workplace

romances (Powell, pp. 161-168). Present your own views concerning

organizational romances and cite justification for your views.

3.9: Discuss the role of organizational culture in dealing with issues of

sexual harassment and organizational romances (Powell, pp. 168-17).

3.10: If you were the leader of an organization, what would be your policies

regarding organizational romances? Explain your reasoning.

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