Introduction (1 page)

Q1. Is the solar industry an attractive industry? Why or why not? Be specific. Use Exhibit 9 to calculate ROA, ROIC, and Porter’s Five Force Model to respond to the question

(Note: Respond this in 3 parts: i)Do research and first discuss what industry does First Solar is in, e.g. Electricity? Alternate Energy? Renewable energy? Solar?;ii)Use case data from Exhibit 9 to discuss industry attractiveness; iii)analyze First Solar’s competitive landscape using the Five Force Model and use the part i industry definition to properly describe Rivalry, New Entrants and Substitutes, then make sure you have addressed the overall question with your observations regarding profit potentials in the industry. Do not update case data, use only data as of case writing.)

Q2 From 2007-2011, First Solar was consistently more profitable than its major competitors: SunPower, Suntech, and Yingli. What are the sources of First Solar’s competitive advantage? Are they sustainable? Quantify where you can.

(Note: Use the class material to first identify the critical Resource(s) that creates the competitive advantage, using case data evaluate VRIO to determine if it is truly strategic resource/asset, e.g. manufacturing cost, customer/consumer needs and space requirements; lastly discuss sustainability by discussing Durability and Imitability)

Q3 Looking forward, what are the biggest threats to First Solar’s strategy? What recommendations would you make to Tymen deJong to guide First Solar?

(Note: First identify 2-3 Options, e.g. geographical? Customer Segments?, evaluate each with Pros and Cons [present in a Table], and then recommend)

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