My organ is the stomach and my disease is GER


  1. The Anatomy, Physiology and Microscopic anatomy of the affected Organ

Anatomy Parts, functions, role in the organ system. dimensions and locations.

Physiology – how does this organ or system accomplish its functions (for example: contraction for muscle, or digestion for stomach, action potential for nervous system?

Microscopic anatomy (cell types) and how the cells support the functioning of the organ

  1. Describe the illness associated with this organ. Include:

Signs and symptoms, transmission and prevention. Origin or cause of the illness

How does the illness cause its damage? Immunity, fighting or treating of illness.

3. Case Study EITHER interview a patient, care taker, etc. or tell or research a personal account of a patient to bring the reality of this illness and microbe to life. You may include the importance of this disease on a societal level if you don’t choose and individual account.

4. A Recent Medical Advance in disease treatment or diagnosis. Primary source preferred.

SOURCES. APA style suggested. Internet source– must include source: author, government, hospital or company, etc… not just address. No wikepedia or other unsourced noodle tools, the Bankier Library or the Brookdale Writing lab,. Interview subject, time and date are valid sources.

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