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Defining religion is difficult because we all beleive different things , as well as we all have different religious experiences, our text book says; Religious experiences

and meanings are expressed and communicated through symbolic sounds and gestures , ritual dramas, images, and architecture and sacred texts. Our text book

also goes on to say that while there are many definitions of religion some definitions are imformative , however not one of them may strike us as fully adequate , As

lots of scholars and philosophers argue as well as challenge other philosophers on there theories of religion ans it’s origins and meaning . some definitions of religion are too limited where others compile to much in it’s definition where it becomes confusing and hard to understand . there are philosphers and scholars who argue the age old battle in terms of religion as it relates to monotheism : which is the belief that there is only one God . Which naturally disputes the case for polytheism : which is the belief there is more than one God . Which our history has shown that people practice polytheism ,the Romans beleived in multiple Gods as well as the Native Americans , they believed that there was a god to pray to from everything from the sun to fertility , there are other people as well as cultures in out history who practiced polytheisim as well as people who practiced monotheism , there have been holy wars fought with the belief that people have the right to religious freedom out country was founded on that principle as well.

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