Exp19_Excel_Ch05_Cap_Apartments Project Description: You manage several apartment complexes in Phoenix, Arizona. You created a dataset that lists details for each apartment complex, such as apartment number, including number of bedrooms, whether the unit is rented or vacant, the last remodel date, rent, and deposits. You will use the datasets to aggregate data to analyze the apartments at the complexes. Steps to Perform: Step Instructions Points    Possible 1 Start   Excel. Download and open the file named Exp19_Excel_Ch05_Cap_Apartments.xlsx .   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename. 02Before subtotalling the data, you need to sort the   data. Select the Summary sheet. Sort the data by Apartment Complex in alphabetical   order and further sort it by # Bed (the number of bedrooms) from smallest to   largest. 3You   want to use the Subtotal feature to display the average total deposit by   number of bedrooms for each apartment complex. Use the Subtotal feature to insert subtotal rows by Apartment Complex to   calculate the average Total Deposit. Add a second subtotal (without removing   the first subtotal) by # Bed to calculate the average Total Deposit by the   number of bedrooms. 5 4 Use the outline symbols to display only the   subtotal rows. Create an automatic outline and collapse the outline above   Total Deposit. 2 5 You   want to create a PivotTable to determine the total monthly rental revenue for   occupied apartments. Display the Rentals sheet and create a blank PivotTable on a new worksheet to   the left of the Rentals sheet. Change the name of the worksheet to Rental   Revenue . Name   the PivotTable Rental Revenue . 7 6 Display the Apartment Complex and # Bed fields in   Rows and the Rental Price field as Values. 6 7 Format   the Sum of Rental Price for Accounting Number Format with zero decimal places   and enter the custom name Total Rent Collected . 3 8 Select the Occupied field for the filter and set   the filter to Yes to display data for occupied apartments. 3 9 You   want to calculate the total monthly rental revenue if the rates increase by   5% for the occupied apartments. Insert a calculated field to multiply the Rental Price by 1.05 . Change the name to New Rental   Revenue . Apply   Accounting Number Format with zero decimal places. 15 10 Select the range B3:C3 and apply these formats:   wrap text, Align Right horizontal alignment, and 30 row height. Select column B and set 9.29 column width. Select column C   and set 14.43 column   width. 5 11 Apply   Light Orange, Pivot Style Medium 10 to the PivotTable and display banded   rows. 5 12 Insert a slicer for # Bed so that you can filter   the dataset by number of bedrooms. Change the slicer caption to # of Bedrooms . 5 13 Change   the slicer height to 1.4 inches and width to 1.75 inches. Apply Light Orange, Slicer Style Light 2. Cut the slicer   and paste it in cell E2. 6 14 Insert a timeline for the Last Remodel field.   Change the time period to YEARS. Apply Light Orange, Timeline Style Light 2.   Change the timeline height to 1.4 inches and with to 3.75 inches. 5 15 The   Databases sheet contains two tables. You will create a relationship between   those tables. Display the Databases sheet. Create a relationship between the APARTMENTS   table using the Code field and the COMPLEX table using the Code field. 5 16You want to create a PivotTable from the related   tables. Create a PivotTable using the data model on a new sheet. Change the sheet   name to Bedrooms .   Name the PivotTable BedroomData . 5 17 Select   the Apartment Name field from the COMPLEX table for Rows, the # Bed field for   Columns, and the # Bed field as Values. This will display the number of   apartments with the specified number of bedrooms per apartment complex.   Display the values as a percentage of row totals. 5 18 Create a Clustered Column PivotChart. Cut the chart   and paste it in cell A13. 5 19 Select   the 3-bedroom da…

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