Students are required to submit the assignment 2 to your instructor for grading. The assignments are on the assigned materials/textbook topics associated with the course modules. Please read the following instruction and complete it to post on schedule. 1. The following attributes are measured for members of a herd of Asian elephants: weight, height, tusk length, trunk length, and ear area . Based on these measurements, what sort of similarity measure from Section 2.4 (measure of similarity and dissimilarity) would you use to compare or group these elephants? Justify your answer and explain any special circumstances. (Chapter 2) 2. Consider the training examples shown in Table 3.5 (185 page) for a binary classification problem. (Chapter 3) (a) Compute the Gini index for the overall collection of training examples. (b) Compute the Gini index for the Customer ID attribute. (c) Compute the Gini index for the Gender attribute. (d) Compute the Gini index for the Car Type attribute using multiway split. 3. Consider the data set shown in Table 4.9 (348 page). (Chapter 4) (a) Estimate the conditional probabilities for P ( A| +), P ( B| +), P ( C| +), P ( A|- ), P ( B|- ), and P ( C|- ). (b) Use the estimate of conditional probabilities given in the previous question to predict the class label for a test sample ( A = 0 , B = 1 , C = 0) using the na?ve Bayes approach. (c) Estimate the conditional probabilities using the m-estimate approach, with p = 1 / 2 and m = 4.

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