you will interview with a faculty member andwrite a 2 page paper about the experience.

and this is the interview a faculty and this is the faculty answers to me

1 Why did you choose to become a teacher / criminal justice professor?

I became a Criminal Justice professor because I knew at a very
young age that I wanted to teach students…..and police work
coincided with this ambition very well.

  • 2 – why did you change from a police? officer to a professor ?

See number 1 – I was teaching part time when I was with the police.

  • 3- what do you love about ur job?

I absolutely love interacting with students.

  • 5- what’s your favorite thing about BOWI UNI ?

My favorite thing about BOWI UNI is the enthusiasm of students I
witness every day in my classes ——- they are a true joy to

interact with.

and write an paragraph about helping people that were bullied and an example for it in ur words

Use of Academic English :holistically, of what effective academic English use entails; including a citation or the interview is part ofthis category).Evidence of having asked questions about the professor’s background and teaching history: 5 pointsEvidence of having asked questions about the professor’s history and preferences as a reader andviewer: 5 pointsEvidence of synthesis of what you learned about the professor and your own connections to what youheard:4 points.Consistency of format 2 points (Whatever format you choose, you just need to be consistent throughout your piece.)Effective use of Academic English (grammar, mechanics, usage): 4 points based on rubric below

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