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General Directions: A position essay asserts and supports a well-developed argument. It relies on a clear, arguable thesis statement that does not simply provide a descriptive or informative statement of the topic. In addition, the argument needs to be supported with ample evidence and examples. Finally, a lucid conclusion should be made that brings the argument to a definitive closure. Your essay should be 4-5 content pages in length and use the APA Style Manual for proper document formatting and citation technique. The rubrics for this assignment are posted in Canvas. (100 points)

Assignment Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate your familiarity with and understanding of required course materials. Specifically, your position essay needs to explicitly incorporate the readings, video and case study materials covered in class. A minimum of 4 sources (including your DJCG 200 iBook) should be used; more advanced essays will incorporate a wider range of material.

Essay Prompt: We have been examining the ways in which a person’s or group’s identity may lead to marginalization. So far two characteristics have been included in our discussions: race/ethnicity and socio-economic class. Concurrently, our discussions have incorporated ideas of justice and civic engagement, concepts of equality, freedom and power and the basic ideas of social entrepreneurship as a way to fight injustice in the world.

Given this context, please write, in your own words, a well-organized and documented essay in response to the following:

  • Is one form of marginalization – race/ethnicity or socio-economic class – “worse” or more problematic than the other? Why or why not?
  • What does your response mean, then, for restoring justice for marginalized individuals/groups through social entrepreneurship? Is it more difficult to mitigate or eliminate one form of marginalization than the other through social entrepreneurship?

Fully explain your position and comments through the use of our DJCG 200 iBook readings, videos, and examples of social entrepreneurial profiles discussed in class, as well as through the use of any other examples/material you deem relevant.

Reminder: Your assignment automatically will be submitted to TurnitIn when you submit it in Canvas. Therefore, I highly recommend that you submit it a day or two early to help you determine if all material has been properly cited. This will provide enough time for you to correct any citation errors that may occur. If you need help understanding the Turnitin report, please contact me in a timely manner.

Also, you are encouraged to work with me and/or an English faculty member (Writing Lab in Freiburger) on early drafts of this assignment. Be aware, however, that this is not an excuse for a late submission. You need to make good time management decisions. Please see attached rubrics and the margin and end comments in the document. Contact me if you have any questions.

NO Contractions (can’t, won’t, don’t, etc…)
NO First Person writing
NO MORE THAN ONE DIRECT QUOTE (3pts off per each extra quote you use).

Remember to IN-TEXT CITE your sources. Papers with no in-text citations will receive an automatic zero. In-text citations should match what is on your reference page.

The assignment components must be submitted via Canvas by the deadline to be considered for full credit. In case you are experiencing a technical difficulty, you must submit these to the instructor via email to prove timely submission while you contact IT to work out Canvas-related difficulties. Items then must be submitted via Canvas to be assessed. Submission via email will serve only as proof of timely completion but will not be assessed until the items are uploaded to Canvas.

Recommended Length: 4-5 pages. APA Format. Times New Roman, 12pt Font. At least three (3) academic (peer-reviewed) sources needed. You must submit via Canvas.

Title page, abstract page, and references are required and DO NOT count towards the page count. No first-person writing allowed.

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