1. Conduct your research and analysis on this engineering case study by

to the following particular queries

What really happened on the accident on “Gas Pipeline burst in San Bruno, CA in 2010?”

What are the consequences of this engineering disaster?

What was the cause of the accident relating to engineering negligence?

What were the loss of properties and human lives by this accident?

What the owner of the pipeline – PG&E has been doing in compensations to the victims and remedial actions taken to avoid future similar occurrence?

If you were a senior engineering manager at PG&E, what would you do to prevent the recurrence of the tragedy?

How can engineering analysis help?


of a DC 10 jet passenger plane over the Chicago O’Hare airport on May 25th, 1979 as shown in the picture:

What would be your response to the similar questions as posted in Quiz 1? The owner of the ill-fated aircraft was American Airlines.

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