Answer the following questions separately A and B :

A- Download the Fing and HE Network Tools mobile apps on a smart phone and do the following

  1. What are the IP v4 addresses of your phone, Domain Name Servers (DNS) and gateway? Provide a screenshot
  2. What is the IPv6 address for your phone. Provide a screenshot
  3. Ping the gateway, DNS server and Provide a screenshot.
  4. Use Traceroute command ) on from your mobile device. What do the results means? Provide a screenshot.
  5. Using Fing, how many devices are connected to your network? Provide a screenshot

Compile your findings in a PowerPoint Presentation

B- Answer the following questions:

1. As a help-desk technician, list four good detective questions to ask if a user calls to say, “My computer won’t boot.”

2. Your friend Jane Doe calls to ask for help with her computer. She says when she first turns on the computer, she doesn’t hear a spinning drive or fan or see indicator lights, and the monitor is blank. Is the problem hardware- or software-related?

3. Which two components in a system might make a loud whining noise when there is a problem? Why?

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