Adapting your understanding of poetry from the reading, discussions and reflections on Craig Santos Perez’s [saina] from unincorporated territory, compose one poem that shows your relationship to a place or environment of significance to you. Afterwards, write a brief process analysis wherein you explicate and explain why you made the creative decisions you did in writing your poem and what larger aspects of the world and your experience you intended to address in writing.


  • What form best represents my content? How will form affect the meaning of the poem? How will form communicate to a reader?
  • What is your relationship to the chosen place? How are identity, politics, or other personal, social or cultural concerns connected to your experience of this place? How might you show this in writing?
  • What craft elements of poetry might you utilize to compose this poem? What poems of Santos Perez’s do you find inspiring that you might emulate or adapt?

Process Analysis:

  • What creative decisions did you make in composing this poem and how did you wish to address a place in a meaningful way?
  • What themes, concerns or larger picture ideas related to politics, society or culture appear in this poem?
  • What is your relationship to this place? How might this be reflected in the poem?
  • 3-4 page (double-spaced, MLA formatted) process analysis
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