Read Frankenstein, answer the questions under the flowing instruction. Write 4-6 pages, double space. Explain what you see as the central purpose of the text. What idea or truth does it express or communicate? What new perspective does it offer readers? What kind of emotional or intellectual experience does it aim to provoke? In thinking about why the text is important, you might consider whether or not it is trying to teach readers something. If so, what is it trying to teach them? The instruction it offers may be intellectual; it may be trying to impart new ideas. Or it may be emotional; it may be trying to encourage readers to feel differently about something. Or the lesson it offers may be a little of both. Whatever effect the text produces, consider how we as readers are changed by it. How might we view the world differently as a result of having read it? What kinds of strategies in terms of its style (its form, its images, its word choice) does it use in order to make an impact on its readers and get its idea across?

In responding to this prompt, there is no need to answer every single question I have raised above. My goal is simply to get you to think as hard as possible about the text. Your job is to focus on whatever you think is the central purpose of the text and to explain how it achieves that purpose.

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