CIS 500 UCERTIFY POST ASSESSMENT 40 QUESTIONS Q: Which one of these statements best describes the relationship between the change management process and the release and deployment management process? The change management process uses the release and deployment process to ensure that the configuration management system is updated correctly in a timely manner. The change management process is entirely dependent on the release and deployment process for the authorization of changes. The release and deployment management process carries out the delivery of a change into live operation, which has been approved through the change management process. There is no relationship between the processes. Q: Which of the following statements are true about Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT)? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. It is primarily used for auditors. It is a statistical measure of variations and a methodology used for improving processes. It is included in Microsoft Enterprise Service Model that supports an organization in meeting changing business demands and rapid technological changes. It is used to provide a uniform structure to realize, implement, and evaluate IT capabilities, performance, and risks. Q: Which of the following are the features of Service Level Agreement (SLA)? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. The language used in an SLA should be clear and concise. Information included within an SLA is measurable. SLA is used as a legal document for imposing penalties. SLA provides one service for all customers of that service. Q: Which of the following ITIL processes is responsible for annually allocating the costs of underpinning contracts? Availability Management IT Service Continuity Management IT Financial Management Service Level Management Q: Which activity enhances customer satisfaction and increases user productivity? Logging Prioritization Administrative closure Categorization Q: Which of the following phases of the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology is used to monitor, measure, and review that the service management objectives and plans are effectively achieved? Plan Do Check Act Q: You work as a Project Manager for uCertify Inc. You have been requested by the management to show graphical representation of roles and responsibilities of different project team members. Which of the following will you produce? Organization chart Resource histogram chart Pareto chart RACI chart Q: Which process reviews operational-level agreements on a regular basis? Service portfolio management Supplier management Demand management Service-level management Q: Capacity Management provides the required IT resources consistently at the right time and at the right cost according to present and future needs of the business. Which of the following are the benefits of Capacity Management? Provides urgent changes that result from inadequate or incorrect capacity estimates. More reliable forecasts provide earlier and more accurate response to the requests made by the customer. Reduced risks related with existing services as the resources are managed effectively, and the equipment performance is monitored continuously. Greater efficiency is provided as demand and supply are balanced at an early stage. Q: Which of the following roles in Service Transition is made up of representatives from all areas within the IT Service Provider, the Business, and Third Parties? The Emergency Change Advisory Board The Change Advisory Board The Application Developer The Change Manager Q: An analysis has been done regarding the expansion of the customer information database. The result specifies that the disk capacity must be increased to contain the projected growth of the database in the near future. Which process is accountable for sharing this information on time to ensure that the available disk space is adequate? Capacity Management Change…

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