Network Design Proposal Sample text: I. Site “XXXXXXXX” Challenges and Implementation II. Site “XXXXXXXX” Challenges and Implementation III. Site “XXXXXXXX” Challenges and Implementation IV. Bibliography I. Site “XXXXXXXXXX” Challenge and Implementation (Provide a section for each site, as suggested in your table of contents.) Site Details and Challenges (Summary) Here, you will simply summarize the site requirements and/or challenges you are attempting to overcome. You will not need to implement solutions or discuss your approach at this point. This information is provided to you and can simply be organized and restated as you understand it. Think of this area as what needs to be corrected. Suggested length would be one or two paragraphs. Sample text: As described in the scenario, the Dallas site was developed without any VLAN structure, and administrators have found the need to isolate broadcast traffic from a layer-2 perspective. Site Solution(s) and Technologies With the challenges stated, you will be able to clearly define your approach to solving those challenges and can state the technologies you will be implementing. Use this area to justify your approach and selection of technologies. The specific length and details of this area will vary based on the specifics and depth of the challenge you are facing. Your justification would be your selection of a specific technology or approach over another and why you chose the approach you are taking. Show off your knowledge in the foundational skills here. Sample text: In order to relieve the administrative tasks surrounding the implementation of manual IP addressing per device, we will configure and implement a DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) server, per site requirements. The DHCP allows for devices to identify, request and implement IP configurations as well as other settings…. Since this area may call for facts and details around technologies and approaches, you will most likely find yourself using in-text citations, which would appear as follows: Open Shortest Path First is an open standard routing protocol that’s been implemented by a wide variety of network vendors, including Cisco (Jones, 20xx). Sample Configuration Understanding the technologies will satisfy a portion of the documents’ requirements. You will also need to display how the solutions you are suggesting would be implemented. Embed a copy of the PTK file for the Packet Tracer File you created. Supporting Tables/Diagrams When structuring solutions per certain sites, you may find it helpful or even necessary to structure information with tables and/or diagrams. These items can be used to support and display your understood solutions located in the “Site Solution(s) and Technologies” area. Display your organizational and logical skills in this area. Provide an updated and polished network design diagram (Assignment 1 updated). Repeat the format to include document components for each site. In this sample, sections numbered II and III in your table of contents would be provided next, followed by the bibliography. IV. Bibliography Be responsible with your research and included works. Provide proper credit in the APA format to original authors and their works that you leverage in your submission.

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