Read this article on sex education from National Public Radio. Were you encouraged to discuss issues of power in your own sex education? Do you agree or disagree with the interviewee’s perspective, and why?

Classmate #1

Hello everyone! I found this article very interesting. I think that teaching young kids about healthy relationships would be beyond beneficial to many teenagers out there.I know too many people that have been stuck in unhealthy relationships because they cant see it for how toxic it was and I think if these things are taught in school then more people might be able to recognize it sooner. This also made me think hard on my own education and what I was taught growing up. If i’m remembering correctly I was taught most about healthy relationships through my parents, mostly my mother. She is a social worker and is a firm believer in therapy and counseling. She always taught me the right way to treat people and how I should let people treat me. That is something that I will forever be grateful of. I especially like that they teach women how to push for safe sex even if she has an abusive partner. I really think empowering people who feel dis-empowered could potentially save many women’s lives. I also like that they talk to both genders about harassment and body image. I love that they try to break down the “barriers between pink and blue” and gender norms. I think with this education they could potentially help hundreds of women and couples avoid unwanted pregnancies and even have the possibility of helping a woman or anyone out of a toxic or abusive relationship and there is nothing better then that.

Classmate #2

Hi everyone,

In my travels and reading I find that different places do many things differently. Some places have gotten a better handle on certain things than others for example health care, food management, homelessness, poverty even down to the airport proficiency (it really is the little things). So after reading about the LA school system and the way they go about teaching the children about respecting themselves, peers and the differences I think they have a handle on a perfect way to start off the sex education curriculum in their area, especially if It lowers the statistics on STDs and pregnancy.

I was encouraged to discuss power in sex education in future conversations. I believe it is important for both parties participating in the sexual act to know that they are valued and they should know they have a voice and are going to be heard when it comes to their happiness and satisfaction and it is not just about an individual. I do agree with the interviewees thoughts on sexual education to young people. When he said, “Knowing the difference between healthy and abusive sexual relationships is as important as knowing how to put on a condom.” This really struck a chord with me because I have had friends, classmates, and even coworkers that have fallen victim to those unhealthy or abusive relationships. Luckily for most of them they noticed the abuse and were able to get out of them before it had gotten any worse.

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