please open Assignment 1 Document and answer all the following question.

Part 1: Construction of an Epidemic Curve (This is worth 7 points.)

Below is the symptom onset information.

1) Enter this information into an Excel file.

2) With this information, known as the line listing, construct an epidemic curve of the outbreak

in Excel.

3) Make sure it is in bar graph form and that it is well labeled. This should include:

a. A Title for the Graph

b. A Label for Each Axis (vertical and horizontal)

c. Enough detail to see all of the dates

4) Attach both the data file and the graph to this homework assignmen

Part 2: Interpretation of an Epidemic Curve (This is worth 5 points.)

1) Based on the results of the epidemic curve you have constructed, what type of epidemic

does this appear to be? Circle your choice.

a. Point Source Outbreak

b. Continuous Source Outbreak

c. Intermittent Source Outbreak

d. Propagated, Host to Host or Progressive Source Outbreak

2) Explain in complete sentences how you know this.

Part 3: Cause of the Outbreak and Control and Prevention Measures (This is worth 8


1) Based on all the following:

The description of the outbreak at the beginning of this homework assignment, including:

o Signs and symptoms of the disease

o Ages of cases (children, young adults, older adults)

o Incubation period

o Complications suffered by the three hospitalized cases

The type of epidemic it is, as indicated by your epidemic curve

What you can find on the internet

What disease is the cause of the outbreak? Explain in complete sentences what the clues were,

referring to the list in bold above.

2) Explain in complete sentences how you might stop it from spreading and prevent future

outbreaks of this disease

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