Hello everyone. I have been tasked with creating a business plan for a sports apparel clothing. Because of possible future use of this business plan i cannot give away the name of the clothing brand.

The target audience of this brand is for athletes and active people of all ages.

There are 10 questions as part of the business plan.

1. What does your small business do?

2. Who is your small business for?

3. Who are your competitors?

4. What is your unique value proposition?

5. How will your customers find you?

6. What resources will you need?

7. How will your small business make money?

8. How long will it take you to make a profit?

9. What values will you never compromise?

10. Whats your endgame?

3 pages would be perfect. APA format isn’t Necessary. Please message me any questions you may have. I can be more specific with the chosen tutor. Thank you very much.

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