Please select ONLY 3 of the 6 questions below to form a response: If an organization chooses the protect and forget instead of the apprehend and prosecute philosophy, what aspect of IR will be most affected? What is the primary determinant of which containment and eradication strategies are chosen for a specific incident? Why is it critical for an organization to have a DoS attack response plan well before it happens? What is watchful waiting and why might we use it? Briefly compare and contrast unauthorized access and inappropriate use?  What can smaller to medium sized organizations do to best prepare for these types of attacks? What is malware?  What are some actions that larger companies can implement after a malware attack to prevent future attacks? Submission Requirements Format: Microsoft Word document Font: Arial or Times New Roman font, 12-Point, Double-Space Citation Style: APA format ( Do not copy/paste entire paragraphs/sentences from your book or other web resources to answer each question .  The majority of the answers should be in your own words). Length: Ensure that each response is at least 50 words (per question) but no more than 250 words.  Points will be deducted for not meeting this minimum requirement. Your SafeAssign score should be below 20%. Again, writing in your own words will help prevent this from reaching 20% or higher. This assignment is due by Sunday, July 15 @ 11:59 pm EST. No late submissions are allowed. The item will go through SafeAssign.  Any high score may receive an automatic 0/F without the ability to re-do the assignment.

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