Assignment. Submission format: Word or PDF.

Write a minimum of 2.5 page paper that describes the basic concepts of Association Analysis. Also describe the market basket analysis with examples. Use Times 12 font, double space, with 1 inch margin.

In addition to the 2.5 pages write-up, add answers to the following to your paper.

For each of the following questions, provide an example of an association rule from the market basket domain that satisfies the following conditions. Also, describe whether such rules are subjectively interesting.

(a) A rule that has high support and high confidence.

(b) A rule that has reasonably high support but low confidence.

(c) A rule that has low support and low confidence.

(d) A rule that has low support and high confidence.

Note-1: for citations, use the following format:…

If any work is not cited or plagiarized, student will receive zero points for the Research paper.

Note-2: If instructions of font size, margin and paper length are not followed, several points will be deducted.

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