Applied Final Project

In this course, you will complete an applied final project as required by the Psychology Department rather than taking a traditional proctored final exam. You will integrate the information you have acquired during the course with insights you have gained. The instructions for this assessment (aReference Letter of three pages) are posted below. You are to submit the project in your assignment folder by .

Reference Letter

Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate understanding of the basic theories and techniques of Counseling Psychology, identify the characteristics of an effective helper, and discuss ethical attitudes and codes relevant to psychology.

Guidelines: You now have a doctoral degree from a Counseling Psychology program. You have the opportunity to apply for a position with a community health center. Rather than asking you to submit multiple reference letters from a variety of people, this position requires that you have a professor from your program write a comprehensive letter that describes aspects of your effectiveness as a counselor in your course work and practice setting/training, and your ability to act ethically in a variety of circumstances. You approach your director, Dr. Smith, and ask for this letter to be submitted with your application packet.

For this project, you must take on the role of Dr. Smith and write an effective, professional letter (including appropriate salutation and closing) that will convince the community health center to hire you. The letter must cover all areas requested by the center and emphasize your mastery of the Counseling Psychology discipline.

To the person providing this reference,

Many of the references we receive extol the virtues of the applicant and predict future success. We want to determine that the applicant has a good understanding of the Counseling Psychology profession and all that entails. Please comment on the qualities and experiences listed below as they apply to the applicant:

  • Length of time and in what capacity you have known applicant
  • Focus of studies in the counseling program
  • The theoretical approach that the applicant most frequently uses and how he or she came to identify that approach as the one with the “best fit” for their use in their practicum.
  • Therapeutic techniques that the applicant has used successfully with a variety of practice clients. Describe “briefly” at least one scenario.
  • Response of the applicant to their supervision including issues that have been addressed such as countertransference and boundaries
  • An ethical dilemma that the applicant has faced and how it has been addressed
  • Strengths of the applicant that will be useful in preventing “burn out”
  • Any special issue that could be considered a negative.

Thank you for your time and for the information that you are providing that will help us evaluate this applicant.

This Final Project is worth 40 points.


Total 40 points




1. Topics are discussed in clear detail and are relevant to the assignment

2. Writer supports assertions correctly

3. Ideas are interrelated coherently and logically

Professional Presentation


4. Project contains appropriate degree of formality

5. Text develops and elaborates on main ideas

Writing Mechanics and Style


6. Paper is free of mechanical errors (e.g. misspellings, typos, punctuation mistakes) and has proper sentence structure

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