The following paragraphs outline a workplace/business scenario. Your assignment is to review the scenario, and compose correspondence as required in the paragraphs that follow. For this particular scenario, you will be required to compose three documents of correspondence. You will place all three documents in a single file, with each document beginning on a new page. No title page or references are required for the assignment.


You have been selected for the Management Training Program at Corporate Communications Solutions (CCS), which is an international consulting company. Your training will take place at the corporate headquarters in Naperville, Illinois. Over 175 participants take part in the training program each year. Additionally, over 600 CCS employees work at the corporate headquarters. The training program mixes planned training seminars along with on-the-job training. Your job title is Management Trainee, which should be used on your email signature, for business letters and other official organizational business.


Your first assignment in the Management Trainee Program is to hire an assistant. More specifically, each Management Trainee is given a list of two potential assistants. Two employees have with local temporary agencies have submitted biographical profiles, which you will use to make your decision. Your assignment is to select one of the applicants, and compose necessary correspondence to explain the intended action to all relevant parties/audiences.

Option A: Edward D. Smith – Biographical Profile

Mr. Smith graduated from a local community college seven years agao, with an associate’s degree in business administration. He focused on accounting and marketing as elective courses. He has not held a full time position since completing his degree, but has instead chosen to work as a temporary worker, so that he has more flexibility in his scheduling. He likes the flexibility because he is a competitive bicyclist and frequently has to travel to events, races and competititions. During his tenure as a temporary worker, he has worked on some cutting edge projects and enjoys profect-oriented work, but dislikes routine tasks and redundancy. He has a working knowledge of basic Microsoft office programs, and highlights his competitive nature and desire to be the best as his best assets. Mr. Smith’s desired salary is $14.50 per hour, and he would like no more than 30 hours of work per week. Mr. Smith’s address is 6852 Rose Street, Naperville, IL 65202

Option B: Elizabeth R. Lee – Biographical profile

Ms. Lee graduated from a public university three years ago with a Bachelor’s degree in Management. She primarily studied human resource management, but also took some courses in small business/entrepreneurship. She has an interest in the topic of small business ownership, but has no desire to be self-employed. She had a full time position with a small manufacturing firm for 14 months, but the plant closed, leaving her with no full time position. For the past 16 months, she has worked a series of part time jobs, but none of which offer her relevant experience. Ms. Lee views temporary work as an opportunity to ear a full time position with a company. She is familiar with MS Excel and Word, but not other programs associated with MS Office Suite. She views her willingness to work in groups and flexibility as her greatest assets for a potential employer. Ms. Lee’s desired salary is $12.75 per hour to start, but would like the opportunitie to make over $15.00 per hour as quickly as possible. She would like to work 40 + hours per week. Her address is 8950 Division , Naperville, IL 62901.

Again, after a thorough process, these are the two options you have for an assistant, and you must hire one of the two. Once you reach a decision, you must first request approval from your supervisor for extending an offer of employment to one of these applicants. Then, you must inform each applicant of your decision, as appropriate. You may choose either, and there is no penalty for picking one person over the other.


Your assignment is to compose three pieces of correspondence. These should include:

  • In internal memo, as a direct request, to your supervisor (Ms. Cristian ). The request should include the benefits of hiring your chosen candidate. You also must include a clear request for approval, as well as SPECIFIC steps that your supervisor should take so that you can move forward with the process.

A good news letter to the individual whose application you have chosen to accept. Focus here on how the relationship will proceed moving forward.

A bad news letter to the individual whose application you have chosen to decline.

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